Pa. voters urged to fill out mail-in ballots carefully

By KYW Newsradio 1060

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Philadelphians can begin voting Tuesday when satellite election offices open that will accept mail-in ballots, but voters are warned to use caution when filling them out — they may be the object of challenges when counting begins after Election Day.

City Commission Chair Lisa Deeley has already raised the alarm about potential challenges to so-called “naked ballots” — those that arrive without the inner envelope intended to keep the voter’s choice secret.

She’s urging the state legislature to remove the requirement for the envelope. But there are other potential mess ups that might get a ballot thrown out.

Republican ward leader Matt Wolfe watched the ballot counting after the primary and sent a memo to the state GOP detailing mistakes he saw voters make.

“There are any number of issues that came up, one being the date that was put on it. A lot of people put their date of birth on that which is kind of a knee jerk if you’re not reading the directions thing to do, if it’s printed rather than signed, if there’s information missing,” Wolfe said.

Chipping away at Democratic votes in Philadelphia could help Republicans, statewide, but the city’s Democratic party chair, Bob Brady, doesn’t seem worried.

“It’s that they’re trying to do everything they can to stop people from voting. It’s totally ridiculous. It sounds like they already conceded the whole election and now they’re trying to figure out ways to steal it,” Brady said.

The ballots come with instructions which will guarantee they’re accepted if voters read and follow carefully.