The Phandemic Krew is becoming a collectible bobblehead


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The Phandemic Krew is becoming almost as well known as the Phillies themselves.

Oscar Alvarado, Brett MacMinn and the rest of the Krew have gained popularity this summer for showing support and cheering on their team from just outside Citizens Bank Park on 10th Street, as the coronavirus pandemic prevented them for being in the stands this season.

Soon, you’ll be able to show support for the Krew, too — in the form of a bobblehead.

Amid the noise and viral videos, the Phandemic Krew has also been raising thousands of dollars for Phillies Charities with their merchandise. So, the daughter and son-and-law of Phils managing partner John Middleton presented them with an idea for a bobblehead that features Alvarado and MacMinn standing outside the ballpark, complete with their masks, T-shirts, air horn, ladder and championship banners.

“We were floored, man,” said Alvarado. “To be honest, I was close to crying.”

The proceeds will also go to Phillies Charities. Alvarado said their first goal was to reach $25,000.

“I think the bobbleheads are gonna pass $25,000 and even more,” he added.

MacMinn hopes the bobbleheads will be made by the holidays. Pre-order details are forthcoming.

“I’m a Phillies collector as much as a fan, so to be an actual collectible, it’s unbelievable,” MacMinn added.

The two founding Krew members hope others will see what it means to be a Philly sports fan.

“We’re trying to change the narrative of how people look at a Philadelphia sports fan,” MacMinn explained. “We can gather and we can have a good time and be passionate, but behave.”

“It’s family with a ‘Ph,’ man,” said Alvarado.