‘Miracle’ mother of 4 wakes from COVID-19-related coma a day before she was set to be taken off ventilator


A mother of four in Georgia has beaten the odds after a harrowing three-month battle with coronavirus.

On September 27, Lisa Martin, 49, was admitted to Memorial Satilla Health emergency room in Waycross, Georgia after experiencing complications due to COVID-19, according to People.

After nearly a month of fighting the virus, Martin woke up from a coma only one day before her family had planned to remove her from a ventilator. She was finally released from the hospital on December 31.

The hospital posted to their Facebook page to show Martin’s miraculous recovery. In the video, she is seen exiting the hospital with a walker while applauded by nursing staff and other masked visitors.

“Lisa is going home for the first time since Sept. 27 when she was admitted to the Memorial Satilla Health ER with complications from COVID-19,” the post read. “Her amazing journey includes 59 days on a ventilator, 40 days in an induced coma and surviving a frontal lobe stroke.”

The post went on to detail Martin's difficult hospital stay.

“On Oct. 20, Lisa was comatose, her eyes fixed. The hospital called in her family to say goodbye. They decided to give it 11 days before making a decision about removing her from the ventilator that was breathing for her," the post continued. "But God had other plans. On the eleventh day, Lisa broke through the sedatives and began tracking Jeff with her eyes and she moved her hand.”

Martin, who is celebrating the new year at home, reflected on her journey.

"I am shocked but amongst all the overwhelming feelings, I feel like this is definitely a God thing," Martin told People. "I got to a point where I felt like no one cared for me. I didn't have a lot of friends, my kids are all grown up and independent and my husband works all the time. I was lonely, but this experience has shown me how loved I truly am."

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