School Closing Sponsors

KYW Newsradio provides school closing announcements for public schools, private primary educational schools (grades preschool-12), accredited degree-granting colleges/universities, seminaries, religious schools, daycare and nursery schools. These are the ONLY school cancellations that we provide as a free public service.

All schools must be a member of our system to make a cancellation. No cancellations will be accepted without this pre-arrangement.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide school cancellation services for community organizations; government agencies etc.

Update an Existing School Closing Account  

If you need to update your account information, please click here and complete the account change request form. The site will close at the annual registration deadline. Any changes made after the deadline must be submitted in writing on school letterhead. The letter must come from an existing contact and include the school broadcast number and password.

Create A New School Closing Account  

For new applicants that would like to be a part of our Storm Center, please send a letter on school letterhead requesting a Storm Center account. Please mention if your school is non-profit or for-profit. If your school is non-profit please provide documentation proving your school's 501c3 status. Make sure you include your phone number and email address. You can send the documents to:

KYW Newsradio
Storm Center
2400 Market Street, 4th Fl.
Philadelphia, PA 19103