Faces of a Warrior: Tiffany Davis

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By 101.5 LITE FM
Age: 30Profession: Patient Access/Health Care AdministrationType of Breast Cancer: ER+Year of Diagnosis: 2014Number of years as a survivor: 3 yearsRelationship to Susan G. Komen: Race participant; Received services through Komen GranteeMy name is Tiffany Davis and I am a 30 year old Miami Native. While making the transition from college to career I noticed a small lump in the axilla of my left armpit. After a series of tests, it was confirmed that the lump and two other targeted areas were positive for breast cancer. Though I had family history of cancer, I never thought this would be my story. I was devastated when I was diagnosed at the age of 28. Though the disease was detected in its early stages I was initially diagnosed with an aggressive form, described as triple negative, although my journey revealed that I had ER+.During my journey I refused to give up working and traveling, it gave me focus while going through treatment. Being a survivor to me means thriving and never giving up hope. No matter how bad things may seem, always stay positive and continue to push through. I refuse to let cancer beat me, and continue to press forward. I turned my diagnosis into something positive by advocating and bringing awareness to young women in my community about breast cancer. The face of breast cancer has definitely changed. More women are being diagnosed with this disease before the age of 45; this is no longer 'my grandmother’s cancer.' Being a survivor has affected my life in a good way. I have been able to network with many women who were affected by the disease and learn many things outside of my own diagnosis. In efforts of giving back, I recently hosted a fundraiser and donated the funds to research. This platform has provided me with the tools and training to use my personal breast cancer experience to make a difference in my community, further understand the disease and become a voice for others. Since my diagnosis I have learned to appreciate life and live abundantly. I enjoy sending time with family and friends, bowling, traveling and trying new things. I also love going to the beach and just enjoying the beautiful weather of sunny South Florida. I honestly don’t know where I would be without God, he has guided me along the way and surround me with so many earthly angels. It’s hard to give up when you have so many people behind you, even those that don’t know me personally. If I could use one word to describe my breast cancer journey it would be 'strength'. There’s a saying, you don’t know how strong you are until being strong is your only option. I don’t know what my purpose is but I do know that obstacles are placed in our lives for a reason. If being an inspiration to others is my one assignment on Earth, then that’s what I’ll do!_______________________________________________About the Faces of a Warrior CampaignIn 2015, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Race for the Cure®, Susan G. Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale teamed with 101.5 LITE FM to launch the Faces of a Warrior campaign. To mark the 22nd Annual Race for the Cure®, Komen is spotlighting 22 survivors to represent each year the Race has run. These individuals are sharing their stories of strength and resilience -- not just of surviving breast cancer, but thriving in spite of it.Read the stories of more Warriors hereFor more information on the Faces of a Warrior campaign -- and other ways you can get involved in the Race for the Cure® -- please email race@komenmiaftl.org or call 954-909-0454