Diddy launches his own political party

The 'Our Black Party' promises to be inclusive of both sides of the political aisle

Sean "Diddy" Combs is taking a big step into the politics game.

Already one of the most vocal celebrities when it comes to the role of government accountability and the need for systemic change, (he's already endorsed Biden for the 2020 election) the rapper and business mogul has announced his intention to start his very own, Black-centric, political party.

Admitting it's "one of the boldest things" he's ever been a part of, Diddy said in a series of social media posts that he will be launching the "Our Black Party" alongside Black elected officials and activists, and promises to be inclusive of both Democrats and Republicans.

Diddy has been gearing up for the announcement that came today, telling Charlamagne Tha God recently that he believes "white men like Trump need to be banished." In a clip posted on Twitter October 15, he explained how he believes the president "literally threatened the lives of us and our families about going to vote," referring to Trump's "stand back and stand by," message to the Proud Boys during his one and only debate with former Vice President Joe Biden.

Diddy's hope is to focus on an African-American agenda specifically tailored to the needs of struggling minority communities.

“From a national, state, and local perspective, there’s currently a lot of energy in terms of people wanting to do something and Our Black Party is one vehicle that can be used to corral collective energy to cultivate change. We don’t just want symbolic change, we want substantive change,” Dr. Wes Bellamy​, the Our Black Party co-chair previously told Diddy's media company, Revolt.

Check out the full interview with Charlamagne below.

For more information on the "Our Black Party," click here.

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