Travis Scott pledges to pay tuition for HBCU students

It’s college, it’s paid for, it’s lit

Just when we thought a sick new single and a chicken nugget pillow were going to be Travis Scott greatest hits of 2020…

On Thursday, the Houston native took to Twitter for a special and generous announcement. Offering to pay a semester’s tuition for five students. “AND I KNOW SCHOOL JUST STARTED AND I WANNA TAKE CARE OF 5 KIDS TUITION FOR THERE FIRST SEMESTER OF SCHOOL !!! WHY NOT!!!!!,” he tweeted.

Well that’s lit, straight up Trav, why not. Shortly after he made sure to clarify that it must be a student, “THAT ATTENDS AN HBCU.”

Travis asked fans to send him information about their schools, and noted that his mother went to Grambling State University, an HBCU in Louisiana, and that his dad went to Prairie View A&M University in Texas.

It didn’t take long for his fans to heed the call, and so far two have been publicly chosen by Cactus Jack himself. The first lucky recipient was Nasire Branch, a young man in his first year at Morehouse College. "My mom always wanted me to go here.!!!! So I got u bro !!!,” Scott responded. “Just lock in and come out of there ready to change the world.”

The a second recipient to receive the out of this (astro)world offering was Taylor Ivy, a freshman marketing student at Howard University. Scott’s response was simple, but said it it all, responding with “Say lesss Taylorrrr !!!!!!!”

Three more left to be chosen, so while its time for Taylor to say less, for any others out there, it’s time to say the most.

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