Airline passenger arrested after punching mother who wouldn't stop her kid from kicking the seat

Airplane Seats, Empty
Airplane Seats, Empty Photo credit Getty Images
By 98.7 KLUV

29-year-old Daydrena Walker-Williams was on a flight traveling to Portland, Oregon this past Sunday where she was sitting in front of a mother and her two young children.

Reportedly, Williams repeatedly told the mother to please prevent her children, aged 3 and 7, from kicking her seat. Well apparently Williams' requests were completely ignored, because as soon as the plane landed, Williams began punching the mother, landed "two or three" shots directly to the face.

The attack left the mother with a "bloodied lip and a bump on her head," according to the officer that responded to the situation. When the officer confronted Williams about the attack, the 29-year-old reportedly said "You do what you got to do.”

Williams is now facing charges of felony assault in the fourth degree, and harassment.