WATCH: 'Dumb' criminal slams brick into his own groin attempting to break into metro Detroit gun store


Some would call it a crime gone wrong.

The owners of Uncoiled Firearms in Livonia recorded it when a criminal attempted to break in early Thursday morning and things went horribly wrong, at least for the attempted robber.

A man pulled up and used a heavy brick to try to smash through the front glass door.

But his calculations were slightly off about the power of his own strength against a heavily reinforced, possibly bullet-proof door. As he rammed the brick with all his strength into the glass, it ricocheted back and slammed the man in his groin.

He gave up the attempted heist with barely a whimper

The last shot of the security video shows the man hobbling away in pain, his mission abandoned.

Police are still searching for the suspect. "It is kind of funny that the guy kind of got what he deserved," gun shop owner Joel Swisher told WWJ's Charlie Langton. He added staffers checked local hospitals to see if the man had checked himself in.

Was he hurt? "He could be," police told Langton. "I mean you saw the video."

"He's not very smart," the officer in charge added.