Wham!'s 'Last Christmas' Video Looks Brand New After 4K Restoration

The cast and crew dish on the snowy 1984 shoot
George Michael, lead singer of the pop group Wham!, with the group's guitarist Andrew Ridgeley  i n1984.
Wham! Photo credit Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Wham! is bringing its Christmas past into the present with a new 4k restoration of the video for their holiday favorite “Last Christmas.”

According to a 35th anniversary “behind the video” feature that was shared simultaneously, the duo of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, along with director Andy Morahan, aimed for a snowy environment to give the clip an authentic Christmas vibe.

The video was filmed in 1984 at a Swiss resort and features Michael, Ridgeley and others as friends on a wintry getaway during the holiday season.

“It really is a bunch of mates having a fun time and has an element of home movie to it, which gives it wonderful character,” Morahan said.

“George had an amazing sense of humor,” actress Kathy Hill said. “There’s a scene when we’re walking up the hill and every time we went up he just fell down, so every time I burst into laughter.”

It wasn’t all fun and games though. A scene that involved cable cars went wrong when the vehicles broke down, stranding the cast in mid-air for about 20 minutes. Another scene was filmed in a vacant apartment that wasn’t heated.

After the video shoot, Michael went straight to the airport to head to the Band Aid session for “Do They Know It’s Christmas” – another of the most beloved 80s Christmas songs.

“Last Christmas” was the inspiration for the new holiday movie of the same name starring Emilia Clarke. The film features Michael’s music – from classic songs like “Freedom” to his first posthumous single “This is How (We Want You to Get High.)

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