These are the pictures Prince Harry is threatening a lawsuit over

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By Majic 95.5 Music

The photos seem pretty normal -- just Meghan going for a walk with the dogs in a public park in Canada followed by 2 security guys. Perfectly harmless except maybe when you focus on the fact that it looks like Archie is about to slide right out of his carrier and I want to call to her to hold him from the bottom and not his shoulders.

But Prince Harry says these photos never should have been taken since there's an expectation of privacy on a walk like that. And he's issued cease-and-desist letters to the British press threatening to sue if the pictures are purchased or published. The Daily Mail was the first to publish the photos and as of this writing they were still up on their site.

The thing is, Meghan is smiling so much that it looks like she knows the cameras are there, but perhaps she was meeting someone? Also, can you imagine not being able to go on a walk like that without security staff? Don't know about you, but that would change all my choices.