10 Tips to Green the Heart of the Home Your Fridge

Cluttered Fridge
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Your fridge could be considered the Heart of Your Home appliance. It's used often each day. The contents it keeps inside are responsible for your body running. Making sure your fridge is running the best, helps not only you, but Mama Earth too. With the 50th Anniversary of Earth coming on April 22nd, give the Planet a 1Thing gift. Here are 10 tips that will make your fridge better for the Planet. More Green, and Saving Green! Win / Win for all! 

10 Ways to Green Your Fridge
  1. Ditch Plastic Containers Store leftovers in glass storage. The glass keeps food and beverages colder, and that means less work for the fridge. Plus Glass is an all-natural, recyclable material.
  2. Upgrade ( & Downsize) Replacing an old fridge w/ an Energy Star-qualified model, you save enough energy to light your home for around 4 months, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).  Look for the yellow Energy Guide sticker when shopping for a new fridge.The models w/ the freezer on top perform 10 - 25 percent more efficiently than side-by-side modesl. Also consider buying a smaller model that consumes less energy and less room for waste. 
  3. Forget Ice & Water Dispensers Don't get them. According to the DOE automatic ice makers and through-the-door ice and water dispensers use 14 -20 percent more energy, and also raises the price in the fridge by $75 - $250.
  4. Fill 'er Up Full fridges use less energy than empty ones. The more space to cool, the harder the fridge has to work. 
  5. Mind the Expiration Date Check labels for date / 'use-by date'. Leftovers should not be kept longer than 3-4 days. Composting the excess waste or sharing w/ others also keeps food waste down too!
  6. Keep It Clean ... Naturally All spills no matter the size can lead to bacterial growth, which speeds up food spoilage. Clean your fridge w/ non-toxic cleaners. For a quick wipe down you can use white vinegar and water. For sticky spills needing gentle scouring use a baking soda and damp sponge combo.
  7. Vacuum the Coils Located both behind and underneath the fridge. Dust causes the fan to run less efficiently. It's suggested to clean the coils twice a year. 
  8. Check the Seals Make sure the seals on the doors are tight. Place a dollar bill in your fridge door and close it. If you can pull it out easily, the door is in need of an adjustment or replace the rubber seal. 
  9. Location is Important Put your fridge in a space it will run the most efficiently. If you can move it away from the stove or sunny window, that will save you energy and money. A fridge uses 2.5 percent more power to keep contents cool for each degree above 70 degrees surrounding it. 
  10. Take Your Fridge'sTemperature The Best Temp for range in your fridge is 36 - 38 degrees F and 0 degrees for the freezer. Every degree below 38 degrees F, the unit consumes 5 percent more energy. Move the thermometer in the fridge to find the coldest spot. This will help guide your storage decisions.

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