8 Things to do to Help Stop Food Waste

Food in trash bag
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By Majic 95.5 Music

Americans waste 40% of food that is produced each year.If Food Waste was a country, it would be the 3rd Largest Country in the World! Just a taste of what the numbers come out to when it comes to Food Waste. If we want to cut down on food getting trashed, we have to rethink the way we shop, cook and eat.

Here are 8 Things that can be done to help Stop Food Waste!

  1. Make Stock Stock can be made out of bones and/or vegetables.
  2. Put Your Freezer to Work  Freeze food you aren’t eating right away / leftovers with clear labels including the name and dates. Reuse containers that can handle freezer conditions.
  3. Learn Key Recipes Recipes can be effective at reducing food waste because they catch-it-all to absorb surplus and ingredients that are close to expiring while keeping the outcome delicious.
  4. Refine Your Food Storage Techniques Think of food as being on a spectrum of freshness, not good or bad. The way you store it should encourage it to linger at the fresher end of the spectrum.
  5. Commit to Eating Leftovers Make certain meals that can become great leftovers for lunch / dinner the next day!  Or can be frozen to eat in the near future
  6. Strive for Better Food Disposal Methods Try your best keep food scrapes out of the regular trash, where it end up in the landfill adding to methane emissions and terrible stink. Have a backyard composter, or even a solar composter that takes meat and dairy scrapes.
  7. Plan Your Meals Never go grocery shopping without checking your fridge first. Think of shopping as building on what you already have.
  8. Recipes are just a Guideline Make substitutions for veggies in a recipe, yogurt for milk, coconut oil for butter … Think about what you have compared to what the recipe is calling for.  Get creative!  It will still be delicious. Many times more delicious than the original recipe.

Here are 15 foods you can freeze that will help  stop Food Waste

 Americans waste 40% of food produce each year. If Food Waste was a country, it would be the 3rd Largest Country in the World! An average family of 4 spends $1500 a year on food that is never eaten.Watch this to find out where these numbers and more come from ...