An Eco-friendly alternative to plastic food storage.

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By Majic 95.5 Music

Silicone tends to be a more eco-friendly option. A plus is it comes from quartz / sand , but the negative is the hydrocarbons used to make it come from petroleum or natural gas. The methods for getting the materials and processing it does have environmental critics. With that being said, silicone is much more friendly than plastic when used in the kitchen / food storage. Silicone is hardier and longer lasting. It has a lower chance of leaching chemicals into food when using for storage. It can be microwaved, used in the oven and freezer. Silicone can be a good option as long as it's maintained to ensure a long lifespan, and recycled when it can no longer be used.

Here are 5 Benefits of using Silicone food covers compared to plastic film or single use solutions such as tin foil or cling wrap.

  1. Replacement for Single Use Products  Over 80 million Americans used at least one roll of plastic wrap in a six month span. Silicone covers are reusable and machine washable. They last a long time, compared to  single use cling film that becomes garbage quickly.  
  2. Made from Eco-Friendly Material Silicone is BPA, BPS and PVC free. Plastics have harmful chemicals that can damage the environment and food. Silicone does far less damage. 
  3. Flexibility Silicone covers come in different shapes and sizes to help store and keep foods fresh. The material is flexible allowing it to stretch over a bowl / pot. 
  4. Price Another benefit to switching from foils, wraps and plastics is the cost. Yes, silicone covers are more expensive at first. Since they are reusable, you don't have to keep buying them when they run out. Silicone covers can last several years. The long term cost is better. Save Green ... Greener WIN! 
  5. Functionality Environment, wallet and on your food. Quality is another reason they're worth buying. Dishwasher safe, and clean easily. Microwave and fridge friendly. A more eco-friendly option to store food both hot and cold. 

 A 1Thing save for the planet and food at the same time!