Easy Eco-friendly Things to do while Staying Home

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By Majic 95.5 Music

These days it's getting harder to find supplies we have been used to getting with hardly a thought. Learning to survive with less, but still keeping our family safe and healthy. Here are some easy eco-friendly family things you can do while you're spending more time at home helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. They will help protect your family, home and the planet. Saving lives and Mama Earth too! It's a Big 1THING WIN!

6 Easy Eco-Friendly Tips
  1. Use rags instead of paper towels / wipes. Wash the reusable rags with nontoxic detergent rather than adding to the trash / landfills.
  2. Eliminate food waste. Have a grocery list ready and get what you will eat. Eat leftovers. Freeze extras for a later date. Try to avoid tossing food.
  3. Manage the mess. Ditch the plastic baggies for reusable storage containers. Reusable stainless steel straws instead of plastic. 
  4. Drop CO2 emissions. Less driving is the best. Working from home. Plan your trips to the store, and get it done in one run. Local grocery delivery. 
  5. Create reusable masks. Use materials you have at home... t-shirts, bandanas ....
  6. Houseplants you can eat. Have family fun planting / growing them. Eating them the ultimate yummy bonus ... pineapple, tomatoes, chives peppermint ...