Social Distancing in this time of COVID-19: hug a tree for each other.

By Majic 95.5 Music

Thanks to COVID-19, the majority of us are hunkering down at home ... working from home and keeping our 6 foot plus distance from others outside. Yes, you must wash your hands as much as possible, practice social distancing and avoid touching your face to prevent the transmission of coronavirus. Being responsible with your actions helps others stay healthy too. The same can be said when it comes to your interaction with the environment. Social distancing is a good time to pick up some eco-friendly habits. Habits you and your family can continue for years to come. 

Actions for the planet during a pandemic
  • Go plant based & compost
  • Reading over streaming
  • Look at political candidates and see where they stand on environmental issues
  • Take the lemons and make disinfectants
  • Switch to green power
  • Share your stuff if you're able too
  • Take stock and make stock
  • Volunteer for Earth Day that's goes digital with EarthRise  
  • Do an eco-friendly activity
  • Start a garden exchange

Social distancing doesn't mean we can't enjoy, what many times we took forgranted before COVID-19,  going OUTSIDE. The effects the outdoors can have on your well-being has always been there, but now can be enjoyed and appreciated even more.  Grab a reusable water bottle and social distance yourself from others while taking in the beauty of nature.

  • Studies show our bodies have a positive response to the outside. Take a break from Zoom calls  w/ co-workers / work at home. You can relieve stress, reduce blood pressure and strengthen your immune system
  • Check your local restrictions on where you can head out. Sticking close to home is the best. Take advantage of what's in your own backyard.  Taking a moment to slow down and take it in, you'll be surprised what you notice and sense.  
  • Encourage your  family to get outside. Spending time in nature may inspire them to adopt new eco-friendly habits. Respect comes from appreciaton.
  • If you can't get outside, no worries. Even a view of nature through your window can lower stress and increase job satisfaction. Take a moment to look outside.
  • Finding time to appreciate the beauty of nature, while you are in it, will make you feel better both physically and mentally. Hug a tree for each other and Earth! 

The 50th Anniversary of EARTH DAY is Wednesday, Aprill 22nd. EARTHRISE: EARTH DAY GOES DIGITAL You can show your support and keep updated here!