Wonderful New Life for Old CDs turned into Beautiful Art Sculptures

Photo credit Greenseas / GettyImages
By Majic 95.5 Music

Sean E. Avery is a  teacher, writer-illustrator, sculptor and designer who lives in Perth, Australia. He doesn't let waste get in Mama Earth's way. He'll take the waste and turn it into beautiful works of art. Here you'll see what he does with old cds that people toss in the trash. One person's trash is another person's Treasure. It's a Beautiful Treasure when the person is as talented and creative as Sean E. Avery.  Check out his old CDs works of art, and be inspired to do 1Thing to help Mama Earth. 

"I use kitchen scissors to cut the shapes I need out of the CDs, then arrange each shard by colour and size. I then hot glue those shards one-by-one to a wire mesh frame (that I shape by hand) to create a natural fur/feather pattern. My sculptures usually take a week to make, maybe longer depending on how motivated I am to get them done! Sean E. Avery"