Where to find water, food, debris drop-off and more. Plus some ways to give back.

Where to receive and give!
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Many in and around the Austin area are in need after the pounding of the historic winter storms. Free water and food / meals from restaurants, schools and organizations lending a helping hand while supplies last. Plus ways to give back to the community to help our neighbors in need. Several different references below with lists. Check them for their updates on times / locations. While supplies last / first come first serve for most.

City of Austin has helpful info available with an established dedicated website with answers and resources for winter storm repairs. Also a hotline to call at 512-974-1500 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Got debris from the storm? The city of Austin has a recycling and waste drop-off locater to find out where to take it.

Weekend Water distribution. (2/27 & 2/28)

Public water stations!

This Saturday the Austin Humane Society has a Pet Food Pantry event starting at 9am.

In need of assistance cleaning up your home / debris.

Where to find free showers and laundry locations for community use.

Busted leaky pipes. What to do for each situation ... Water on & Water Off!

Here's where you can get water in Austin
How you can give back to the community

Austin 360

Austonia Places offering free water


Eater Austin Austin restaurants Austin brands offereing free meals

Patch Food, water and more

Need Help Paying Bills Free Food Banks in the Austin / Travis County Region

Some Ways to Give:

Austin Area Urban League #LoveTheyNeighborTexas #SpreadtheLove donations

Austin Disaster Relief Network donations for the gift fund to buy gift cards, emergency housing, short & long term supplies.

Austin EMS Emergency Relief fund to help feed emergency workers donations

Austin Humane Society donations for the wishlist of items to help Austin' furbabies in need.

Austin Pets Alive accepting donated items like animal crates, blankets, dog houses, dog beds, tarps, towels and space heaters. Donations to purchase necessary items. Volunteers to help in picking up and distributing supplies.

Caritas of Austin Helping the homeless with gifts of food, toiletries, or household items.

A Taste of Koko, 365 Things Austin + MYLK Collective / Austin Winter Storm Relief go fund me donations

Good Work Austin Community Kitchen is an ongoing program providing locally made food using locally grown ingredients to communities in need. donations