08/05 - 10 am - Nicky Lopez

Wednesday, August 5th

The Royals fell to 3-9 last night and Brady Singer made some youthful mistakes that you might expect. The offense looked a little more promising but it still wasn't enough. The Big 12's 9-1 plan was the likely plan all along. It doesn't seem likely they play a single out of conference game though. Cody is ready move on from Ben Roethlisberger after he spoke about winning multiple Lombardi's yesterday. Nicky Lopez has been up and down so far and the Royals taking him in and out probably hasn't helped. We take a closer look at what can really be learned from him so far in his young career. One Marlins player said he left to go get milk and that's how he came into contact with COVID. Would you eat popcorn flavored M&M's.