#36 - FoXx & Freezy - Go "On The Reel" About Current Topics & Events

Saturday, February 15th

FoXx & Freezy go "On The Reel" talking about Valentine's Day and how much we love you guys! In Latin, Friday, translation Veneris, means the day of Venus. Venus just so happens to be the goddess of love! No wonder why everyone loves them some Friday! 

Foxx is going to be his own valentine taking himself on a date and sirFreezy Valentine is his daily horoscope because it's in his life every day, loving, and truthful!

They have a poll on their FB page in honor of the upcoming release of Mulan Live Action: "Do you prefer Disney’s Original Mulan or Moana more?" Yet FoXx & Freezy say "Moana" improperly and neither catch their mistake! 

They talk about current topics including a teacher in Florida being inappropriate in class.

SirFreezy admits a childhood trauma from PE class in 6th grade, including his coach!

Are you team Nikki or Cardi?

FoXx & Freezy share who's side they are ON! Good, news, we're NOT getting devoiced!

Secrete alliances of enemy's? Maybe?

Fly into Vegas and get married sooner than you expect! Find out where "On The Reel!"