4-12-18 Charley Casserly: 'Darnold, to me, is the #1 pick in the Draft.'

Thursday, April 12th

Joining the show to talk about the upcoming NFL Draft is former Super Bowl executive and NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly.  When asked about USC’s Sam Darnold, he said, “Darnold, to me, is the #1 pick in the Draft.  I think you can win with him in the pocket and he’s the most solid of all of the guys.”  Will Cleveland’s front office finally get things right? – “This is a different regime.  We have three guys who were trained by Ron Wolf and we’ll see how they do.  They have a lot of high picks, but I do believe they’re do alright.”  You have the Falcons taking Florida’s Taven Bryan – “I like him as an up-field tackle in a 3-4 defense.  I think he would fit the system very well in Atlanta.”  Your thoughts on Saquon Barkley (Penn State)? – “If he’s the best player in the Draft, you take value.  Look at what (Ezekiel) Elliott meant to the Cowboys.  The same with Todd Gurley, but once he got an offensive line behind him, we saw what he could do.  This guy (Barkley) can have an effect, because he’s an excellent receiver.”  Your thoughts on Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield? – “The personality doesn’t seem to be a problem for teams who have spent time with him.”  Casserly also discussed the issues he believes UCLA’s Josh Rosen will face heading into the Draft and spoke on the chances for some of the UGA players – specifically Roquan Smith, who believes will fall “between 10 and 15.”  What about Isaiah Wynn? – “Yeah, he’s going to be a late round pick as a guard, I do like him.  Usually guards drafted that late will slip into the second round, but I do like what I see of him.”