5@5: Bears still have some hope

Friday, December 6th

Mike Mulligan, David Haugh, Dustin Rhoades, Kevin Dziepak and Mike Esposito conducted the daily 5 at 5 segment, which began with a discussion about the state of the Bears offense. Given the Bears' big production against the Cowboys, do you have a better understanding of the quarterback/play-caller dynamic? Was quarterback Mitchell Trubisky or coach Matt Nagy more at fault for the Bears' woes earlier in the season? Why is it working now? They then discussed if the Bears' strong performance in a 31-24 win against the Cowboys on Thursday made them more hopeful about the future or more regretful about the past. The crew also debated who the most impressive performer was on the Bears defense before sharing its unsung hero of the game. Later, the guys wondered if linebacker Roquan Smith will miss the final three games after suffering a pectoral injury and discussed how his season will be remembered if he does. (12/6/19)