Archer on Freeman: I think you'll see him next week

Friday, September 28th

Dave Archer joined Dukes and Bell for his weekly segment  and talked about the Bengals defense “This defensive front in particular their line is the calling card for them, especially Geno Atkins, to neutralize a defensive front you have to vary the play calls, run on 1st down, play action and Matt Ryan is going to have to change of the snap count, vary the count and cadence to keep them from getting the count down but ultimately you have to block them up front.”

 When asked about what the Bengals offense could look like Archer said “A lot of variation in formations, a lot of different groups on the field, they’re a lot like Atlanta on offense in that they are very talented, and Atlanta did a poor job of identifying different personnel groups on the field last week.”

Archer told the guys how the thinks the Bengals will try to cover the Falcons receiving core “The tape that I watched was really interesting, when they played Carolina they played more zone coverage and that didn’t work very well, so they will play more man coverage, now if they try to double Julio we know what Ridley can do.”