Are the Atlanta Falcons entering the regular season healthy?

Friday, August 30th

Dave Archer joined Dukes & Bell to talk about where the Falcons stand after the final preseason game, could Kaleb McGary start week 1, and are the Falcons entering the season healthy?

Archer talked about if we could see McGary start week 1.

“It’s going to be tough for him.” Archer said “He was really fatigued after two quarters of football, and that was against guys he was supposed to dominant, but he did get really fatigued and he said that he’s probably not where he needs to be for a full game. You certainly don’t want to be in a big drive at the end of the game and he runs out of gas, but he mauled some people last night and I would think Philly would be the target date for him.”

Dave talked about how he feels about the revamped offensive line.

 “I love it.” Archer said “Everyone wanted to talk about protection being better, but the big issue was getting back to being what you were in 2016 and that’s top five rushing team along with a top five passing team. In the one’s vs one’s I did like where we were in the rushing game, playing on the other side of the line of scrimmage and that sets up the play action game which helps create major problems.”

When asked about what’s his biggest takeaway is as the preseason wrapped up.

 “I think the biggest thing is it looks like we’re going to go into the season healthy.” Archer said “You’re going to have Kazee and Sheffield healthy, Deion Jones is going to be on the field for you, that’s the part I’m most excited for you’re going to get your full complement of weapons for the first time since the Philadelphia game last year in week 1.”