Are the Braves setup to Have a DH as Currently Constructed?

Friday, May 22nd

Who will be the Braves Designated Hitter when baseball starts back as the league will have a universal DH rule for this season only. The guys on Dukes & Bell talked about how this will affect the Braves, who it would be, and are the Braves setup for the DH as the roster is currently constructed.

Carl asked if the Braves would use Austin Riley as the DH.

“If there is a DH when baseball comes back, and it will be, how will is that going to affect the Braves?” Dukes said “Who would be the Braves DH based on our roster right now? Now here’s the part we don’t know, is Austin Riley our starting third baseman or is Johan Camargo, or are they platooning? Either way one guy is probably going to be available, would you be fine with Austin Riley as the DH.”

Mike doesn’t think that the Braves are built for the DH position.

“Yea, he’s supposed to be playing third base, is Camargo consistent enough? That’s another thing in Spring Training, Austin Riley in the 2-3 weeks we got to see he was raking, he looked pretty good. Then you’ve got guys like Duvall, you could use him as a DH.” Bell said “We’re not really built for it, let’s be honest. There are a lot of teams in the American league they will have a guy that’s more power oriented, a more contact oriented guy that they could use, you can flip the lineup.”