Astros' Comeback, Managerial Hirings, Bob Nightengale/Byron Kerr Interviews

Monday, October 28th

Jon Heyman and Josh Lewin begin the penultimate episode of Big Time Baseball's first season with discussions about the Nationals' collapse at home (1:00), the unpredictable heroes of this and other World Series (2:33), and updated speculation on Gerrit Cole's upcoming free agency (7:34). USA Today national writer and RADIO.COM Sports Insider Bob Nightengale joins the show to reflect on the recent manager and coach hirings (13:31), the off-field issues and culture of the Astros (17:52), and his take on the Red Sox' search for a general manager (24:10). Later, Nationals beat writer Byron Kerr discusses topics ranging from Max Scherzer's health to Gerardo Parra's influence in the locker room (28:51). To wrap, Heyman has updates on trade candidates Wil Myers and Mitch Haniger as well as some thoughts on the Mets' "mystery manager candidate" (41:51).