Bob Stoops not ruling out return to college football

Saturday, September 14th

Former Oklahoma Head Coach and current XFL Dallas Head Coach Bob Stoops joined College Football Gametime.

Coach Stoops discussed several topics including when he knew it was time to step away from Oklahoma, coaches that influenced him, how many calls he has gotten to comeback in the last few years and why he is coaching in the XFL.

“I just felt like I had run my course after a lot of self-reflection. I knew I had the right guy (Lincoln Riley) in place to take it over,” Stoops said when asked about when he knew it was time to step away as the Oklahoma Sooners Head Coach.

“We’ve got great major networks covering us with Fox and ESPN. I think it’s going to be exciting and fun,” Stoops answered when asked about coaching in the XFL.

“What are you going to do in 5 years? You never know what the good lord is going to bring you. I don’t what will happen and ya know what situations occur,” Stoops said when asked if he would ever consider coming back to college.