Braves Young Pitchers are In a Difficult Spot

Friday, August 7th

Atlanta Braves insider Joe Patrick joined Dukes & Bell to talk about Touki Touissant’s break out performance last night, Nick Markakis’s walk off home run last night, plus what to expect in the weekend series against the Phillies.

Patrick talked about the tough spot that the Braves young starting pitchers have been put in.

“It’s tough for some of these starting pitchers because you’re trying to learn on the job as well as get results.” Patrick said “Mike Soroka talked about that when he was talking about Kyle Wright about a week ago or so, saying it’s difficult to learn how to become a starting pitcher when you’re a youngster as well as getting results for a good team that is counting on being in the playoffs at the of this thing, so I do understand why it’s difficult for these guys.”