Butt: Ryan happy to have a coordinator he trusts again

Thursday, June 13th

Jason Butt joined Dukes & Butt to talk about the Atlanta Falcons mini-camp as it closed today and talked about what he saw in camp, and his recent article about Dan Quinn.

 Butt told the guys he thinks the rookie offensive lineman will get every opportunity to start.

 “You would think.” Butt said “If you trade back into the first round to get another offensive lineman you would think he would get every opportunity, but if for some reason he’s not ready to go that’s why they brought in guys to make sure they were ready because what happened with them last year with depth issues.”

When asked if his recent article was more reflective on Dan Quinn or his coaches.

 “It’s probably about both.” Butt said “One thing that gets lost when it comes to Dan Quinn as the leader of the team is how pragmatic he is, at the end of the day that’s really not who he is, there is a real competitive guy, one who hates to lose. He won’t scream and cuss out a player or coach where it demeans someone, one thing that sounds out is the coaches and players have mutual respect for the guy. There are countless times where you will speak to someone and there is an unsolicited comment on what he’s done for them or what he means to them, so he protects the team almost like his baby, it’s a side of him but not the complete picture.”

Jason discussed the Marquand Manuel firing.

 “I think one thing you have to consider, the good defensive coordinators find ways to adjust when injuries occur.” Butt said “That didn’t happen, they were massive at the beginning of the year, and you expect to take your lumps, but the Bengals game is one where you had guys looking lost, yea you dealt with injuries but these were guys that were looking lost. Publicly all he did was say good things about Marquand Manuel, but behind closed doors he decided to let him go because that’s what he thought would be best for the program.”

Butt said that Matt Ryan seems to be excited about Dirk Koetter being back.

 “He seemed excited and enthused to be working with Dirk Koetter again.” Butt said “He’s happy to have a coordinator that he trusts and likes, it’s going to be the same stuff that Kyle Shanahan ran but with a Dirk Koetter twist to it, that’s one thing I took away from it when we had the coaching session. Seems like he has a ton of confidence this offseason, it helps with the receivers and running backs that he has but the key to it will be the young offensive line.”