Byrd: Touki ‘Grew Up A Little Bit, Trusted Himself’

Friday, August 7th

Andy Bunker and Randy McMichael were joined by Fox Sports South Atlanta Braves Analyst and former MLB pitcher to explain why Touki Toussaint was so effective on Thursday night against the Toronto Blue Jays.

“He attacked the strike zone, had good fastball command. Nobody is ever going to say hey Touki your stuff’s not that good, ya know. His stuff is way above, in my opinion, a major league average starter. What I mean he’s just got great life on the ball, he’s got a great curveball, he throws from different angles, he’s got those arms and legs coming at you flying everywhere you know so he has a lot going for him as a pitcher. But if you don’t command the ball, all the other stuff doesn’t matter,” said Byrd when asked why Toussaint was able to find success last night.

“I thought he grew up a little bit, trusted himself, went after people and my goodness do we need this guy or what so it was wonderful to see and I’m a huge Touki fan on and off the field,” Byrd continued.