Can’t You Give Me Something Else?

Monday, July 27th

When Nicole showed up for a routine colonoscopy, she was shocked when the anesthesiologist planned to give her fentanyl. She reflects on how close she felt to losing the sobriety she fought so hard for. Can you refuse opioids as a patient in recovery? What other options are out there for treating chronic pain? And does “all-natural” really mean “all-safe?” Nzinga answers these questions and more about pain, alternative medicine, and the rights you have as a patient. ●     Please note, In Recovery contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for all listeners. ●     Have an addiction-related question? We want to hear from you! Call 833-4-LEMONADA (833-453-6662) or submit your question through this form: ●     Helix Sleep is offering $200 of your first mattress, plus two free pillows. Head to ●     For 20% off CryoFreeze CBD Roll On, or any other product on, head to and enter the code “INRECOVERY.” ●     Check out Chris Hayes’ podcast Why Is This Happening?   For additional resources, information, and a transcript of the episode, visit