CFB More Influenced By School Presidents or Medical Reports?

Monday, August 10th

On Monday afternoon Andy Bunker and Randy Bunker were joined by University of Georgia Insider Radi Nabulsi, who spoke about the reports and rumors we have heard about college football potentially cancelling the season over the weekend.  

“No one wants to be seen as a follower. Everyone wants to be seen as a leader so that you can stake out that moral high ground and say look you know we’re not following anybody, we are not doing what these other people say, we have come to our own conclusions. Which is why I think that Georgia and Alabama and Tennessee and Florida they have all come up with, and all of the other schools in the SEC, they’ve come up with their own testing procedures they’ve come up with a policy across the SEC, this is what we believe will work,” Nabulsi said when asked about the Big 10’s approach to playing games this season.

“It comes down to are you going to be more influenced by the decision of other presidents or are you going to be more influenced by the reports and recommendations of your own medical team?” Nabulsi continued.