Coach Hunter: Our players don't get enough credit

Wednesday, December 5th

Ron Hunter joined Dukes & Bell to discuss the buzzer beating upset win over Alabama last night and told the guys what he said to the team at halftime while trailing “I talked about how we were going to walk back to Atlanta, and I told them in my Avery Johnson voice and that got them going.”

 Coach told the guys what they did at the end of the game “We had been running a set for the last five possessions that we had scored on, I thought the difference was not calling a timeout and I thought it was great how four different guys touched the ball there, we’ve spent seven of our first nine games on the road and coming back like that really capped it off for us.”

Coach Hunter told the guys how happy he is for the players “I’m really proud of our kids, they don’t get a lot of the credit because they’re not in the ACC or SEC, so I’m really proud for them, we’re driving back and it leads sportscenter so I couldn’t be happier for our kids because they deserve the shine.”