Computer Talk: Is FaceApp Worth Being Worried About? (7/20/19) - Part 1

Saturday, July 20th

Erik and Bob take your questions, and discuss serious security and privacy concerns being raised about the popular Russia-based FaceApp. West Virginia is the 22nd state to adopt rules for 5G cell phone deployments. A listener using the Google Chrome web browser has a "certificate error" while browsing a hospital website. We explain what this error means and how to deal with it. A listener responds to a fake Microsoft popup and calls a fraudulent number that was posing as Microsoft, and then allowing access to his computer. We explain how to respond to this scam, and the steps you need to keep your computer safe. A listener running a check on his computer memory experiences a memory error on his ten-year-old Windows 7 computer. We explain how to purchase new memory and also the specifications for buying a new computer (at least 8 Gigabytes RAM, Intel i5 processor [8th or 9th generation processor], and a solid state or hybrid hard drive.) We discuss the possible health risks with the new "5G" cellular service technology.