Computer Talk: Is FaceApp Worth Being Worried About? (7/20/19) - Part 2

Saturday, July 20th

We continue the discussion about 5G cellar technology as Erik discusses how some in a San Francisco community try to block a 5G cellular installation. Bob also discusses a Mayo Clinic study where there was an increased incidence of brain cancer in the 1970s--before cellular technology was publicly available. A caller has questions about the safety and security of using Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections. A listener wonders why ProtonMail is a more secure service for e-mail than a regular e-mail service. A listener wonders why her brother's AOL e-mail account was deleted when a Gmail account was added to his smartphone. A caller asks which VPNs are recommended, as well as how VPN services might affect performance. Also, how to eliminate pop-ups in Windows 10 with ad pop-up blocking in Windows 10. A caller has an issue with images appearing very slowly on his nine-year-old computer. Erik helps a caller find a way to play VHS movies on a new 4K TV and also for a way to convert VHS format tapes to DVD. A user seeks information on what to buy for an upgraded computer.