Computer Talk: Who Owns Your VPN Service? (7/6/19) - Part 1

Monday, July 8th

Erik and Bob take your computer questions. A VPN research firm says 29 of the top VPN services are owned by six Chinese companies. "Mad" Magazine to switch to a subscription-only format after 70 years of publishing. FDA recalls certain MiniMed insulin pumps made by Medtronic due to security concerns about potential hacking. Lee Iacocca, former Chrysler Corporation chairman, dies at age 94. A listener asks why his Webroot Antivirus software never seems to update virus definitions. We also advise people to set up the OpenDNS service to surf the web more safely. A caller has questions about accessing a security camera remotely over the Internet and configuring his firewall to do so securely. We answer the question: If you use a computer for financial transactions only, do you need to use antivirus software with it as well? A Windows 7 user wonders how to respond to pop-ups stating that support for the Windows 7 operating system is ending. We give advice on purchasing s new Windows 10 computer as well as suggestions for computer courses for senior citizens in the Southington area.