Computer Talk: Who Owns Your VPN Service? (7/6/19) - Part 2

Monday, July 8th

A caller asks when Windows 7 will stop working for e-mail. We explain that when Microsoft stops supporting an operating system, they stop providing security updates for it. We also talk about the Linux operating system, plus satellite Internet service, and the lightning fast fiber optic Internet service available in Westfield, MA. A listener with Windows 7 tries to cope with very low space on his primary "C:" drive. We provide suggestions on how to deal with low space plus links to useful programs that help you to visulize disk usage (WinDirStat and TreeSizeFree) on our website. A caller with a Google Pixel 2 phone has issues with streaming radio being interrupted on with a cellular connection. A user with a two-and-a-half-year-old Toshiba Satellite laptop has several questions about backing up his data. We also discuss choices for good software for backing up your computer. A listener offers a suggestion for an app that will keep streaming audio working on a Pixel phone when the screen blanks out called Keep Screen On.