Davison: We're going to have a chip on our shoulder

Monday, September 9th

Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman Tyler Davison joined Dave Archer on the Dan Quinn Coach’s show.

Tyler told Archer that the Vikings showed some un-scouted looks in the run game.

 “They came out with some good schemes to attack our edges with, something we weren’t all the way prepared for.” Davison said “They were exotic, something they didn’t show in the preseason, we have to make sure we are on top of any type of thing we can see. We are going to take this to heart, work on it and get better.”

When asked about controlling the noise outside the building after losing in week 1.

 “That’s a person by person thing.” Davison said “That comes with the job, we know that’s something we are going to have to live up to, that just comes with the territory. Playing in New Orleans we lost our first game almost every season I played there, and went on to have good seasons, so I’m no stranger to this.”

Davison said he was brought here to stop the run.

 “Definitely.” Davison said “That’s one of the main things I was brought here to do is to stop the run, I play predominantly nose, and that’s the job of the nose tackle is to stop the run, so that’s personal. The first thing those offenses are going to try to do is run the ball, everything is built off that, with that film yesterday we know the Eagles are going to try to run the game. After this last game we’re definitely going to have a chip on our shoulder especially against that run.”