D&B: Braves Keep On Winning

Monday, July 15th

Dukes and Bell open the show with the Braves sweep of the Padres over the weekend, the guys talked about the starting pitching performances the team got from Keuchel and Soroka, then we talked about the bullpen that seems to always put runners on base before it can finish the game out. We then transitioned to the deadline that the Falcons and Grady Jarrett are facing today at 4pm with getting a contract done or he will have to play under the franchise tag.


We hit the headlines.


 Atlanta United analyst Jason Longshore joined Dukes & Bell and talked about the loss yesterday to the Seattle Sounders. Longshore said it was individual mistakes hurting Atlanta United. “Individual mistakes are killing you.” Longshore said “Overall the team played well, this was a game that a draw would have been equal, but too many mistakes once again hurt you, a giveaway at the top of the 18 by Gressel and then a giveaway by LGP.” Jason said Seattle isn’t an easy place to win at. “It’s frustrating because I feel like they were hanging with Seattle.” Longshore said “It’s a place that’s not easy to win, and they should have gotten out of there with a point, and it’s just a breakdown, a miss hit by LGP leads to Seattle getting the goal.”

Longshore said style of play isn’t the problem with the United. “Atlanta had chances, Meram created six chances on his own.” Longshore said “The more you open up, the more you’re exposed, the team isn’t built to run anymore because you don’t have Miguel Almiron anymore, opening things up doesn’t help you any defensively.”  “I don’t think he’s regressed. He’s the best defender the team has had all year, he’s been the most consistent, we haven’t seen issues with Miles this year. Now you’re seeing the injuries come into play, with Shea going down