D&B: Can Andy Reid Get Over The Hump?

Tuesday, January 15th

The guys hit the NFL Blitz as we talked about the Patriots being an underdog for the first time since 2014, Mike said he’s not buying it and is taking the Patriots because of how bad Andy Reid has been in the playoffs throughout his career.


Brian Billick joined Dukes & Bell and talked about Andy Reid having his team in the AFC Championship game “I’m excited for him, it’s an outstanding team with a young quarterback playing at a level that no one could have predicted. It’s going to be a challenge for the Patriots, the weather will be a factor which could play into how the Patriots want to play with the small ball they like to do.” Billick discussed the Patriots ability to change what they do from week to week “There’s no team in the league that can do more from week to week than the Patriots and it’s on either side of the ball, the challenge for them is going to be possessing the ball because that’s when the Chiefs have been at there worst when teams play the small ball and keep it away from the Chiefs.” Coach Billick talked about the Falcons OC hires “You have two coordinator level coaches who will work together with Koetter as the lead, and they both have comfortably with Matt Ryan which is key.”  “You look at the Rams and the Saints, they’re the highest rated offensive and defensive teams left, Kansas City has had it’s troubles with stopping the run so the Patriots will think they have a chance there.”  When asked about the young coaching hire’s and how Kliff Kingsbury will put his staff together “He’s going to rely on Steve Keim to put the staff together, it’s become a General Manager’s league, they’re looking to bring in that Quarterback whisper to come up with these great gameplans, and it’s come to the point where they are putting the staff’s together and as a coach I’m not comfortable with that.”