D&B: Former UGA Recruit Goes In

Tuesday, January 15th

 It was time for the Dawg Reports, the guys played audio of former UGA recruit Jadon Haselwood who called the school’s coaches fake and used car salesman.


We talked about the awards given out to NFL rookies, and we started discussing what rookie players the Falcons had who were standouts.

Georgia State Head Coach Ron Hunter joined Dukes & Bell, “I love football so I had a chance to sit down and watch the games.”  Coach talked about the fast start the team has gotten off to “We’re not going to talk about that, you start speaking on stuff and then it goes bad. No, it’s going well the kids are playing great and we’re just trying to get ourselves back into the NCAA Tournament.”  “Most coaches are comfortable when they play man to man, they’re thrown off when you play a zone you don’t necessarily practice against it, that’s what we do not a 2-3 but a zone, it can be a really useful tool for teams to use.”

Hunter talked about if this is the best team he’s had at GSU “That’s yet to be seen, I like this team that we have, the talent, the depth, we have a really good basketball team but we have a long ways to go. If this team gets into the NCAA tournament it can really do some damage.” When asked about DeMarcus Simonds potential  “He really does it all, he can rebound, assist, shoot the ball, he’s a poor man’s Russell Westbrook and there is no doubt in my mind he will be playing professional basketball down the road, I’d be shocked if he’s not a first round draft pick”