D&B Hour 3: Nick Saban Always Win This Kinda Game

Friday, November 8th

Mike and Will came back after the top of the hour by going on the sidelines with the DAWGS. The guys also discussed the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets taking on Virginia as well.

The guys came back from the break by talking about the rumor of Deion Sanders becoming the head coach of Florida State. Mike and Will also discuss what it would like if former players were allowed to help recruit for their alma mater.

The NBA decided to fine the Los Angeles Clippers 50,000 dollars for sitting Kawhi Leonard. The NBA has started to try to rectify teams using "load management" as an excuse to rest their players. Steve Koonin joined Dukes and Bell for his weekly segment. Koonin chimed in on the Clippers being fined. "It's not a great look" Koonin said. We shall see if the fines deter teams in the future from resting their players. It looks like the NBA is at least willing to switch up the schedule so team won't have to do that.​