D&B Hour 4: Falcons Address The Media At Training Camp

Tuesday, August 4th

The guys hit the Falcons report.  Could the Falcons have not one but two one thousand yard receivers this year? The guys on Dukes & Bell talked about the possibility of Calvin Ridley having a special year and the Falcons receiving duo of Julio Jones and Ridley being the best in the NFL this season. Carl said he thinks Ridley absolutely can get to a thousand yards receiving this year. “How good is Calvin Ridley, how good can Calvin Ridley be.” Dukes said “Here’s what Ridley said that made me stand up, “coming in as the number two this year I expect more balls to be thrown my way and that means I’ll have more yards in return.” I agree with him, I think he’s going to have a thousand yards given the health and I also think he’s going to have ten touchdowns given he doesn’t get hurt.”


It was time for the “Strong Arm Story”


Guy Talk.