D&B: Live From Grindhouse Burgers In Athens

Friday, September 20th

Dukes and Bell opened the show talking about being in Athens at Grindhouse for the Notre Dame-UGA game we then talked about the Braves having a chance to clinch tonight and then touched on the Thursday Night football game as the Falcons will face both opponents during the season.

We hit the headlines.

929 the Game Braves insider Joe Patrick joined Dukes & Bell to talk some Braves with the guys. Joe talked about the team possibly clinching the division tonight.  “It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.” Patrick said “The nationals start their game about ten minutes before the Braves, it will be interesting to see if the Nationals lose their game before the Braves game is over.” Could we see a more relaxed Ronald Acuna jr.?  “He just hasn’t looked the same in the last month.” Patrick said “He’s only hitting .200, his slugging pct this year is actually lower than last year, I think he will get the steals, but reaching the homeruns, you hope it will help him relax.” Patrick told the guys Dansby Swanson could be the spark for the team in October. “Markakis looks fresh since he’s come back from that injury, and he relaly declined late last year.” Patrick said “I would point to a couple other guys, Dansby Swanson, it’s easy to forget what he did early in the year, and that’s a total game changer with a guy that can hit like that at the bottom of your lineup.”