D&B: Mike Bell Sick Again

Tuesday, September 17th

Dukes and Bell open the show talking about Mike’s voice still hurting, and how he ultimately might have to change his diet which he isn’t very happy with the thought of that. We then talked about are you happy with our offensive line now after the showing against the Eagles, Mike says he’s ready to throw out the performance against the Vikings because you put yourself in bad situations from the start and never had a chance to get things going.                        

College Football writer Bruce Feldman joined Dukes & Bell to talk some college football.

Feldman said he’s not sold on LSU challenging Alabama just yet. “There’s a lot of time between now and that game.” Feldman said “We have to see if their defense going with a pass rush going, as much as Alabama looks vulnerable on defense they still have Tua throwing the ball and a powerful offense, but until someone knocks Alabama off I’m not picking against them.” Can anyone challenge Clemson in the ACC?  “No, this is arguably the biggest talent disparity in a power five conference we have ever seen.” Feldman said “Boston College got blown out by Kansas, Miami and FSU are struggling, the only team that has looked good minus Clemson has been Virginia. Clemson is not going to get tested by anyone in the regular season, and in the conference championship game, so they’re going to roll into the College football playoff.”  Feldman talked about how this could be the coming out party for Georgia’s defense. “I think it’s going to be an interesting game for Ian Book and Notre Dame.” “They (Georgia) have a ridiculous amount of young studs on that defense, this is going to be a coming out party for them, people are going to be watching them and they’re expected to light up this Notre Dame game. I think this is a chance for them to go up against a team that has some credibility, and they’re not only going to out athlete them, but we are going to see who is going to step up and be a force.”

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