Decades of Pain

Monday, August 3rd

Becca’s step-sister Mindy left home when Becca was just 8 years old. Despite Mindy’s annual appearances and promises to get sober, she always left again. Now, Becca is in her early 20’s and isn’t sure what to do about her anger towards Mindy. Another listener, Katie, had a parent that enabled her brother's substance use for over 40 years. Now that her parent has passed, Katie is left wondering how to move forward with her brother and let go of her anger towards her codependent parent. This episode Nzinga talks about how we can still hold space for those in our lives who’s addiction’s have caused pain, resentment, and hurt.  Please note, In Recovery contains mature themes and may not be appropriate for all listeners.    ● Helix Sleep is offering $200 of your first mattress, plus two free pillows. Head to ● For 20% off CryoFreeze CBD Roll On, or any other product on, head to and enter the code “INRECOVERY.” ● Check out Chris Hayes’ podcast Why Is This Happening?