Do CFB Players Deserve A Say Or Should We Listen To Experts?

Tuesday, August 11th

Andy Bunker and Randy McMichael talked about how much of a say current Power 5 college football players should have when it comes to playing games or not this fall due to COVID-19.

“If the Big 10 comes out and says there is no college football this year I don’t care what Justin Fields says or does, they’re not going to play college football,” McMichael said.

“Should they (have a say)?” replied Bunker.

“Hell yeah they should have a say…the reason why they should have a say is because they are the ones ultimately that are going to be out there playing. So hell yeah if I’m going to be out there playing the game hell yeah I should have a say.” McMichael replied.

“I’m asking that not from the perspective of should college athletes have a voice at the table, of course they should,” Bunker responded.

“But at the end of the day shouldn’t the decision be made by health officials? As much as Trevor Lawrence wants to play he isn’t an expert on disease. Of course he wants to play, he is a football player,” Bunker continued.