Does Matt Ryan get Enough Credit?

Thursday, May 21st

It’s that time of year that player rankings come out in the NFL, and two lists have Matt Ryan ranked lower than the guys on Dukes & Bell think he should be.

Carl said it’s ridiculous to have Matt Ryan ranked so low.

“Pete Prisco has three Falcons on the list, he has Matt Ryan at 70, 70, 70th best player? Come on.” Dukes said “Brees comes is 11 on this list, you can argue that Brees teams have been in the playoffs even though they’ve come up short. But I just think this is ridiculous to think that there are so many other guys above Matt, that he doesn’t come in at a higher level. How high, we could debate it but 70th? That’s ridiculous.”

Mike talked about why guys have Ryan ranked so low on their lists.

“Pete was saying Matt Ryan took a beating last season but still put up solid numbers for the Falcons, his protection has to be better to get him back to playing close to his MVP numbers a few years ago.” Bell said “He’s not lying, I’ve been begging for offensive line for as long as I’ve been a Falcons fan. That’s part of it, Matt puts up good numbers without an offensive line, without a run game and that’s gotta change. In the mind of Pete and Jason LaCanfora he’s not at that elite level because we’re not winning, if you go 7-9, and 7-9 you’re just another guy.”