Duane Hour 1; Wednesday, 4/17/2019.mp3

Thursday, April 18th

Duane talks about Tiger Woods victory. He has an “I told you so” moment. Talks about how people need others to believe in them. People can overcome  the odds.  

Duane goes through the Falcon’s Schedule and predicts the record to be 10- 6

Braves fall 3- 2 to Arizona. Braves had a 2-0 lead to relinquish the lead in the 7th ending and 10th ending they had a complete down

Braves didn’t address the starters is the season. There is a deep issue that’s been going on since last year. Our Pitching is a problem. Kimbrel wants a 5yr deal. If I’m Kimbrel, I’m making the Braves pay for me. Braves shouldn’t have gotten rid of him in the first place. Get rid of him, wins a championship with Boston- now the Braves are in dyer need of a pitcher.

We had high hopes for this group of pitchers (list of pitchers)

If the Falcons don’t make the 10-6, Thomas Dimitroff will be the first to go since Dan Quinn just got on the Defense. In order to win a Super Bowl, you have to win in the pre-season. Teach the culture that winning in the preseason is a big deal.  

Congrats to Tiger. He will win again! Duane told you so.