Durham: ' the confidence of the team is high'

Wednesday, November 7th

Wes Durham joined Dukes & Bell and talked about the addition of Bruce Irvin “I think Bruce Irvin is a nice pick, I know he was flying into Atlanta today because a friend of mine text me and said he was sitting behind Irvin. He’s going to add to the pass rush, the confidence of the team is high after the win over Washington, and I think you can carry that momentum over, look at the defensive numbers for Cleveland, 23 turnovers is crazy, its bewildering that they are 2-6-1 or whatever they are right now.”

Wes talked about the mentality the Falcons bring each week “I think that under Dan Quinn they tend to be Atlanta, they take the same standard into every ball game, the brotherhood is real and it would be an advantage against a team with no direction, you know what you’re getting with Gregg Williams and that’s going to reflect on the field Sunday.”